Residential district Ruchyi, fase II

The project was conducted according to assignment approved by St. Peterburg’s Urban Planning Architecture Committee.

The goal of the present proposal is a development of the town-planning documentation proving all changes of functional use of considered territory; project development of planning with determination of sequence; creation of engineering documentation; organization of transport service of the territory.

Designed territory is located in a northeast part of the city in a northern part of Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg and limited:

1) from North with coastline of the Murinsky stream;

2) from East with administrative border of St. Petersburg and coastline of the river Bolshaya Okhta;

3) from South with boarder of zone “D” and boarder of city block № 5606;

4) from West with future Severnyi avenue and Piskarevsky avenue.

The territory is located in the intersection of the large-scale transportation roads. It’s devided on two parts (western and eastern) by a high-speed highway (Ring Road). The Ring Road is passing through all territory around St. Petersburg having an exit through outcomes with Toksovskoye Highway and Piskarevsky Avenue to all large highways of the city – Grazhdansky, Piskarevsky and Shafirovsky Avenues. It provides a stable transportation with the remote districts of the city, its central part and districts of the Leningrad Region. The crossroad of the Ring Road and Piskarevsky Avenue is made in different levels and directly located in project borders.

A great attractions of considered territoryare picturesque valleys of the river Okhta, Murinsky stream and the neighbourhood with the territory of Rzhevsky Polygon which is a unique forest area stretching in the western direction to Lake Ladoga.

A planning axis of the territory is Koltsevaya Highway Route. The Ring Road passes in borders of the considered territory from the southeast to the northwest, dividing it into two isolated parts, and therefore there are two independent areas (western and eastern). Communication between these areas is performed in a northern part with Piskarevsky Avenue and in the southern part through the existing tunnel in a Ring Road embankment “body”. The structure of a street roads has elements of free planning in combination with a rectangular system (in some cases).

Residential quarters are united into two residential districts — 1 and 2, divided by a highway No. 1 going out to Chelyabinsky Bridge. In the center of each residential district along streets are placed different services.

The structure of eastern area is formed of 4 groups of residential quarters with meridional main street (Murinskaya Road) and its continuation along existing 330 kV line in the southern direction. Residential quarters has zones with public and business buildings and green zones going to the forested areas and a coastal green zone along river Bolshaya Okhta. The project provide for usage of apartment houses with the built-in multilevel garages, attached multilevel garages and partially buried parkings.

The project offers forming of residential quarters of dense building in the western part and the southern part of east area, between the Ring Road and continuation of Murinskaya Road. Kindergartens and schools are placed in the central areas of such quarters. Primary services are concentrated along the residential streets dividing these quarters.

Quarters of a northern part of east area have more free planning and are formed by residential groups located along the pedestrian directions leaving to a recreational zone along the river Bolshaya Okhta. Schools and kindergartens are brought closer to the residential street bordering residential quarter from the northwest and turned towards a recreational zone.

In the central part of east area there are several groups of the individual apartment houses turned to the river and connected among themselves by street passing along the river. In borders of the existing village Rybatskoye is possible to create 143 sites of individual housing. That will make 35750 sq.m of housing and population of 500 persons.

The project supposes construction of welfare facilities and another services for planed population. The project provides placement of 14 separate preschool educational institutions and construction of 8 schools; shopping centers; sports complexes as in the western area and in the central part of east area. In the peripheral zones adjoining to external highways (the southern part of the western area and a northern part of east area) the project offer a placement of the large trade and leisure complexes focused on service of the population not only of designed area, but also of population of adjacent urban areas.

The project has been approoved by Government Decree №811 from 03.09.2014

Total area: 554,34 ha
Total area of multi-family residential buildings: 2 293 020 m2
Population of multi-family residential buildings: 76 434 people
Total area of individual buildings: 50 000 m2
Population of individual buildings: 695 people