Residential district Ruchiyi, fase I

The territory is located in a northeast part of the city, in ecologically favorable area near to Okhta river. The territory represents the flat, open plain which is slightly going down to the river, crossed in northern and southern parts by streams – inflows of Okhta. Land area is about 700 hectares. At the moment the space is mainly occupied by farmlands, free from use.

Feature of the territory is its isolation from urban areas by railway lines of the Priozersk and Ladoga directions. The territory is located on border with administrative board of St.Petersburg, has a rich natural environment and a frontage to the river, but, at the same time, is disposed more close to the center than many other existing urban areas. The line of the Ring Road passing through all territory provide availability between the remote districts of the city and its central part.

Today the North of the Ring Road is most perspective in terms of development of the trade real estate (placement of objects of the consumer sphere). This results from the fact that here are placed a lot of dormitory areas with economically successful population. In addition, there are a lot of districts (Kurortnyi, Vyborgskiy and Vsevolozhskiy) situated near to choosen territory with big number of prestigious cottage settlements which gives more potential consumers. Adjacent residential districts of northern and east part of the city are deprived of large culture, sport and leisure facilities.

The concept assumes creation of the new attractive urban environment providing comfortable conditions for accommodation due to harmonious connection of the new town-planning ideas with careful approach to the environment and ecology.

The location of the territory is advantageous: on the one hand, it has good transport communications with the downtown and with the main suburban directions, on the other hand, presence of a natural zone allows to create new healthy concept of life.

It is a comfortable city with the thought-over road network, squares, central avenues, pedestrian streets reaching green zone along the river Okhta. The territory is introduced as a uniform town-planning complex with advanced social infrastructure which is harmoniously connected to business,trade and entertaining function.

To realise self-sufficient, autonomous area in which it’s possible to live, to work and to have a good time, the project offers:

1) Placement in the territory of comfortable residential quarters of dense building and zones with low number of storeys. The districts are made using different floors buildings with parkings under and it’s own green areas with relax zones. This mini complexes are grouped around centers with schools, kindergardens, some trade or sport function.

2) Placement of leisure and recreational facilities, such as theater, stadium, big exhibition concert hall, multipurpose shopping malls.

3) Placement of a sport and entertaining facility with the individual, bright concept: the covered winter center. The complex will unite under the same roof “a snow zone” (slopes, ice skating rink , route of mini-bobsled) and “entertaining” (aquapark, karting center, rock climbing wall, spa, restaurants, malls and hotel). The expressive solution of complex architecture can play the leading role to create memorable image of the place.

4) Organization of own system of public transportation: narrow-gage tram and own Trolley Park. Possibility to place stops of public transportation within the easy walking distance. All engineering and transport facilities are placed out of the living area, in the western part of the territory.

5) Placement of the public and business zones providing additional jobes.

6) Forming of a system with open public spaces with pedestrian streets.

Total area: 665 ha
Population: 107 800 people
Total anmount of construction: 4 962 000 m2
Housing: 3 234 000 m2
Social and household services: 758 000 m2
Trade facility: 970 000 m2