Residential district Novosaratovka , fase II

The territory is located on border of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, in Vsevolozhsk district, in the village Novosaratovka. In relation to the city the territory is located in the southeast, on the right river bank Neva, in 1.5 km from outcome of the Ring Highway (Ring Road) from Oktyabrskaya Embankment and Big Obukhovsky Bridge. The place is representing the flat open plain used for agricultural needs.

From the North and the East the territory o is adjoined by the Nevsky orest park. A great attraction here is a picturesque coast of the Neva River and the neighbourhood with Bogoslovka Ethnopark. From the South, along the coast of the Neva River and Oktyabrskaya Embankment is located village Novosaratovka and village Krasnaya Zarya. In availability radius any service is absent, except two rural shops and restaurant near to entrance to Novosaratovka from the city. The territory is crossed from the North to the South by the power lines of 330 kV.

The concept of the project assumes creation of the new harmonious residential district with the unique, bright architectural idea with attractive urban environment providing comfortable conditions for accommodation of the persons and combining advantages of comfortable country housing in ecologically favorable area and intensive public spaces with all advantages of city life. Big size of the site allows to create a uniform town-planning plan, more significant than just a set residential quarters.

Building consists of the central part of dense compact urban development up to 16 floors inside of boulevard ring and 12 residential quarters from 5 to 16 floors with the emblem and it’s distinctive features. The model based on twelve is the major as it is equated to a circle and therefore to the idea of generality. Number 12 symbolize the order, completeness,and internal growth.

The new area is planned as unity of various residential quarters connected by public spaces. Public spaces and squares are centers of activity and those places which give an originality to every district. Each of 12 quarters around a boulevard ring has “entrance” from the boulevard – a minisquare, the individual artistic image, a symbol or the sign. The minisquare is an interactive, emotionally rich space for communication, rest, entertainment and free time.

Land area: 305,3 ha
Residential development, till 12 floors(economy): 480 000 m2
Residential development, till 5 floors (premium economy): 210 000 m2
Residential development, 5 floors + attic (finnish type, premium economy): 290 000 m2
Residential development, 5 floors + attic (premium economy): 250 000 m2