The Court Stable Department

The considered complex of buildings is an architectural and historical monument of federal importance which is owned by Russian Federation. The Court Stable Department has intricate shape in plan, is about 250 m long and occupies the whole quarter between Ekaterininsky Canal, Moyka River, Konyshennaya Street and Konyshennaya Square. The complex consists of historical buildings, constructions of Soviet period and constructions with no historical security status.

The introduced project assumes transformation of the historical building and the territory belonging to it to one uniform complex which functional filling will be demanded in modern conditions of development. In combination with the Church of the Savior on Blood and a museum part of the Court Stable Department, such complex will architecturally and functionally complement existing historical part of the city and shopping streets of St. Petersburg.

The complex adaptation provided by the project , reconstruction and restoration of a historical part of the building , return of the historical appearance lost as a result of numerous late reorganizations in combination with delicate use of spaces of courtyards, will not distort the developed appearence of the current facades and initial views of streets and open spaces. The complex will have both an external, and internal frontage. Historical facades of Stable Department will remain invariable and expected restoration of interiors will give the chance to see this architectural city monument from inside.

Transformation of a complex assumes creation of a multystoried underground garage and the freight transport system on minus one floor level with partial use of the territory of Konyushennaya Square. The underground parking is extremely needed for success of the project. It will provide additional parking places for visitors of a complex and guests of the historical center of St. Petersburg.