Concept of urban continuum in area of Izmaylovsky prospect

The concept offers reorganization of the territory “Izmaylovsky prospect” and based on solutions of master plan of St. Petersburg for the southern part of the city. It completely considers decisions of urban planing council which approved a system of high-rise restrictions for this territory.

The main idea of planning project consists in reunion of two prospects( Izmaylovskyi and Novoizmaylovsky), creation of a urban highway that pass through industrial areas to connect the center of the city with southern parts. This connection becomes a planning heart of a huge multifunctional district (more than 470 ha) divided by road network into 57 quarters of various area and configuration.

The function of districts is managed by urban planing council because of importance of all the territory to give it also a commercial attractiveness. That’s why a big number of quarters is intended for public and business building. At the same time, in a half of them is allowed placement of housing . For a part of quarters, according their position in planning space, function is defined more specifically. A part of quarters is intended for placement of service and trade (7501A, 7501B, 7501B-1, 7503B, 7513-4, 7513A-2, 7610B, 7507A), sports, entertaining , cultural activity (7501B-1, 7509A-4). Quarters 7501B-14 and 7513 are intended for cemeteries and planned placement of reburials. Quarters of 751 ZA, 7515A, 7515A-1 are organized for engineering and transport infrastructure.

Now the territory of the project is located in industrial zone. So all the quarters are densely built-up with the constructions belonging to industrial or engineering category. A significant area is occupied by the railway tracks which were earlier used for Varshavsky Railway Station and its warehouse.

The project assumes complete carrying out of old railway tracks, except one for Northern Half Ring Road, removal of all existing communities and construction of safe and adequate districts.