Colouring of fronts of the buildings

The territory is located in a northeast part of the city, in a northern part of Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg between the Ring Highway (Ring Road) and Murinskaya Road. The site is well looked through from all roads. The designed quarters are the first stage of building of big residential district.

Residential quarters are formed by apartment houses of economy class. To provide correct number of parking places existing multilevel and open parkings. All ground floors of buildings are dedicated to social and trade facilities with grouping along pedestrian and transport streets.

Buildings are executed with precast concrete elements; external walls are warmed by minplity stone wool breecks; walls are lined with thin plaster on synthetic grid with the subsequent coloring by high-quality front paints. Socle part: a wall stone of “Melikon-polar”production. Balconies: continuous glazing of cold type with framework. Windows: metalplastic, a two-chamber double-glazed window. Door canopies: metal. Handrails and roof cover: metal.

The major factors influencing color scheme of buildings are:

— visually expressive location of buildings along the Ring Road near to large highways;

— isolation of the territory, independence of a nearby environment.

— a natural environment, a frontage of buildings towards Okhta river.

Existance of large complex consisting of 23 apartment houses dictated the presence of bright memorable image. In composition of northern quarter is used landscape theme made in quiet green colors that has connection to beautiful valley of Okhta river. At the same time it makes contrast with traditional beige and brick multystoried residential development in Murino.

The southern quarter is extended along the Ring Road and executed in warm orange-yellow scale with three dynamic rainbows. The idea of the drawing is memorable, is well perceived from long distance and during a movement at a speed on the Ring Road.

Facades along Murinskaya Road continue the drawing of a landscape to unite two quarters. The group of apartment houses on the southern border of quarter is a color accent for the people entering in territory at entry from Piskarevsky outcome.

Courtyards are solved in a different way. Laconic coloring provides favorable atmosphere for accommodation of people. A variety of color creates originality of the view.

In process of work appeared a number of amendments therefore were realized only 17 of 23 houses with offered colour scheme. The others 6 were solved in similar style by customer.