Pedestrian square in Bassano Bresciano (BS)

The territory is located in Bassano Bresciano, in province of Brescia.

Bassano is rapresented as a typical municipality, whose heart is spreaded between the roads that cross a town. There is different commercial and social facilities in the center that now suffering of the closeness to the roads and parkings. It’s visible a nechessity to have a homogeneous pedestrian and commerce area that will makes the center of the town more enjoyable.

From provided documentation there was highlighted the area that could be requalified. The project is offering:

– requalification that is extended from the road where situated the Municipality to a little square adjacent to the parish (pedestrian area with new paving);

– reconstruction of a building located on little square to increaze commercial area;

– placement of sycling paths and bisycle parking;

– increazement of parking places;

– placement of a green area with mediterranean fragrant plants of variable high, benches and pergola;

– new lightening of buildings in reconstructed area.