Naval War College

The Naval War College is situated in western part of Vasilyevsky Island on the area which is abut 20 ha. This is a new alluvial territory near seaport. Given the negative nature of water areas of the Gulf of Finland, these placement is almost only one opportunity to provide high quality characteristics to new building.

The complex is developed in compact way to create the shortest communication between main functional zones. In central part of educational block is located multipurpose area with conference rooms, line audiences, parking and dining room. Through this spacious light gallery occur all educational process. In the north-west of the multipurpose block are located: administration building with the central entrance lobby, 4 academic buildings with departments and faculties. From southern side there are: a library whith central hall to colect important information on activity of college, a pedestrian gallery to connect sport area with educational one. From north-east are located: a cultural and leisure center, a marine engineering faculty, a research center, a laboratory and production educational area. Entrance lobby is situated from northern part which is more near to future subway station.

On part №. 3 is situated student residential complex, cultural and leisure center, coffee shop, dining rooms, open multilevel parking with correct number of parking places for this project.

On part № 4, close to the water area, near the mouth of Smolenka river, is located the College and a hotel to accept delegations and guests of forums. The Naval War College has also educational areas, a set of gyms, open stadium, canteen, swimming pool, conference rooms, library, administration and utility rooms.


Total area of part №3 (1) — 105 954 m2
Total area of part №5 — 22 582 m2
Total area of part №6 — 44 901 m2
Total area of part №34 — 19 791 m2

Total area of educational complex – 212 135 m2
Total area of laboratories – 33 050 m2
Total area of administration  – 24 510 m2
Total area of sport complex – 23 629 m2
Total area of medical zone — 4 606 m2
Total area of student residential complex– 103 202 m2
Total area  of conference rooms – 3 200 m2
Total area of hotel (with parking) – 10 200 m2
Total area of entrance lobby and galleries – 10 712 m2